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the future, in fiction, is a metaphor

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Birthdate:Aug 19
I identify as a queer feminist Trekkie. And, secondarily, as a proto-teacher-scholar of English literature.

Kira Nerys is my patron saint.

I am really, really, really committed to femslash.

And I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess.

My fan fiction is archived at Archive of Our Own, where my bookmarks (when I remember to update them) also constitute a standing recs list.

Sometimes I use this Tumblrthing to reblog .gifs of ladies in space and ladies with guns and other things about ladies. Also I rant a bit.

My door is open. Friend me for fic, fangirl ranting, occasional acadababble, and coffee snobbery. I don't bite (much). I crosspost to and keep up with my LiveJournal, as well.

Permissions: My stories are available to anyone who wishes to use them for any purpose, including podfic, art, or remixing, on the conditions that {a} I am credited as the original author of my own material anywhere the new work is posted, and {b} the creator(s) of the new work let me know what they've done and where I can go to drool over the awesome thing they made.

I can be reached by PM or at gratiasophia{at}gmail{dot}com.

Interests (115):

*sir* patrick stewart, adrienne rich, albrecht dürer, angry women, apocalypse, augustine, avatar: the last airbender, b'elanna torres, babylon 5, bad russian accents, battlestar galactica, beverly crusher, cartography, cyborgs, cylons, deanna troi, doctor who, downton abbey, dykes, edmund spenser, ember eves, eve sedgwick, fake science, feminisms, femslash, firefly, genderfucking, genre fiction, genre studies, george eliot, george r. r. martin, groundless speculation, hans holbein, harvest ales, helen magnus, hilary mantel, italo calvino, jacques derrida, jadzia dax, jam and jerusalem, jane austen, janet fraiser, jean-luc picard, jean-luc picard's godlike arms, jeanette winterson, jennifer saunders, johann sebastian bach, john donne, jorge luis borges, josquin, kathryn janeway, kira nerys, kristin cashore, ladies in space, lady scientists, lancelot andrewes, laura roslin, lucas cranach, lwaxana troi's wardrobe, malcolm fucking reynolds, maurice merleau-ponty, medieval romance, messianic time, michael chabon, mikhail bulgakov, mysticism, negative theology, neil gaiman, northern renaissance painting, northrop frye, ockeghem, origen, palestrina, pedagogy, philip pullman, political rants, princess tutu, pseudo-dionysius, radical queers, river song, ro laren, robert southwell, robin mckinley, saint paul, samantha carter, sanctuary, semiotics, seven of nine, sexual politics, shipwreck, star trek, stargate: sg-1, syntax, the malfunctions of academia, the sandman, the uss enterprise ncc-1701-d, the whore of babylon, theodor adorno, thomas more, thomas tallis, tv with lasers in, typology, ursula k. leguin, very old books, virginia woolf, vladimir nabokov, walter benjamin, warehouse 13, wibbly wobbly timey wimey, william byrd, william caxton, women with wings, wynken de worde, xena: warrior princess, yurts
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